Last Reviewed: May 7, 1999

Article: DTS0132


Applies to: dtSearch 5.x


- dtSearch cannot access an index when I try to search

Possible Causes

- The index location changed due to network drive mapping changes

- The index library no longer contains a reference to the index

- The index is damaged

Troubleshooting Steps

(1) Is there a reference to the index in the index library?

Your index library is a list of references to the indexes that dtSearch knows about. To see which indexes are listed and where dtSearch thinks they are, Click Index|Index Manager.

If the index is not in the list, click the Recognize Existing button, browse to the location of the index, and click on any of the index_*.ix files. dtSearch will add the index to your index library.

If the index is on the list, go to step (2).

(2) Can dtSearch access the index?

Click on the name of the index in the list in Index Manager. On the left side of the Index Manager, you should see information about the index: the location, the number of words, number of documents, folders indexed, etc.

If the number of documents is not zero, then dtSearch is able to access the index and you should be able to search it.

If the number of documents is blank or zero, this means that dtSearch cannot access the index. The index may be damaged, or the index location may have changed, possibly because of a network drive mapping change since the index was created. For example, if the "G:" drive has become the "H:" drive, dtSearch may be looking for the index in the wrong place. Check the folder name under Index Location and open that folder in Windows Explorer.

If Windows Explorer shows files in the index folder, the index is present but damaged. In dtSearch, use Index Manager to delete the index and make a new index to replace it.

If the index folder is empty or missing in Windows Explorer, go to step (3).

(3) Did the index get relocated by a change in network settings?

If the index was located, you will probably want to find it so you can either try to recover the index or delete the index so it does not take up space on your hard disk.

A dtSearch index consists of a folder with a group of files named index_a.ix, index_d.ix, etc. To find all of the indexes on a drive, in Windows, click Start, Find, Files or Folders, and enter *.ix under Named. Check each of the drives where the index might be, especially network drives. The folder names listed will tell you where each index is.

If the index was not found, you will need to create a new index to replace the missing index.

If the index was found, go back into dtSearch, click Recognize Existing in Index Manager and browse to the folder where the index was found. After recognizing the index, exit Index Manager, click the Search button, search the index, and try to view documents. You may find that even though you can search the index, when you try to view documents, dtSearch cannot open the documents. If this is the case, you will need to delete and rebuild the index. (This can happen if the change in drive mapping that changed the index location also changed the document locations, making the information in the index obsolete.)