Last Reviewed: March 13, 2000

Article: DTS0148

Applies to: dtSearch 6, 7

dtSearch 6 uses a new kind of help file, HTML Help, instead of the older WinHelp format. HTML Help files have the .CHM extension. If you have Windows 2000 or Microsoft Office 2000, you probably already have the HTML Help viewer.

If you are unable to open the dtSearch 6 help files or other .CHM files, you can get the latest HTML Help viewer from the dtSearch web site or from the Microsoft web site. The HTML Help viewer is a free download and is about 700k in size.

Note: If you have Windows 2000, you should use the version of HTML Help included with Windows 2000 and should not use the link below. The hhupd.exe file is not designed to work with Windows 2000.

To get the HTML Help viewer from the Microsoft web site, click here:

After downloading, open the hhupd.exe file to install the latest HTML Help viewer.