dtSearch Web Demos

Last Reviewed: November 15, 2016

Article: DTS0189


Applies to: dtSearch Web 6, 7


Search form examples

Search form

Features demonstrated

Search form templates:


   No Frames

   Two Frames

   Three Frames

Examples of the dtSearch Web search form templates

Embedded search form

How embed a search form in another web page.

Simple search

Searching of all of the demo document collections, using a simple search form.

Also demonstrates use of cookies to save search form state from one search to the next.

Advanced search

Search form with advanced searching features, including date range searches.

Field searching

Search form with advanced searching features and date and field searches, implemented using JavaScript on the search form.

Shakespeare XML

Demonstrates highlighting of hits in XML, using an .xsl stylesheet to format the XML for display.  See FAQ article dts0183.htm for more information.

ASP.NET Search

Demonstrates how to use the dtSearch Engine's .NET interface to search using ASP.NET.   For more information on this demo, see How to implement a web search application with the dtSearch Engine


Document collections

These document collections are used in the sample search forms listed above.

Document Collection

Features demonstrated

dtSearch Support Articles (HTML)
Current articles on the dtSearch Web site

Searching of HTML files with:
• highlighted hits
• embedded images intact in the display
• embedded links fully operational in the display
• multiple hit and file navigation options

dtSearch Web site (HTML and PDF)

Searching a web site indexed with the dtSearch Spider

Tax Forms & Publications (PDF)
IRS tax forms, instructions and publications in PDF format. These documents are posted for demonstration purposes only and are provided "as is." They may be out-of-date or incorrect. For current tax information, see www.irs.gov.

Searching of PDF files with:

• highlighted hits

• embedded images intact in the display

• multiple hit and file navigation options

OCR Demo (PDF)

dtSearch "white papers", scanned from paper copies.

Searching of OCR files with hit highlighting on the scanned image:

• PDF files display complete original images of the scanned documents.

• After a search, dtSearch Web can highlight hits in the so that the highlights appear directly on the scanned image.

Shakespeare (XML)
Works of William Shakespeare, converted to XML.

Searching of XML data with:
• searches limited to precise combinations of fields and subfields in hierarchical XML data (as well as full-text searching)
• highlighted hits
• multiple hit and file navigation options