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Performance and Capacity


Databases and Field Searching

Indexing and Searching Web Sites

International Language Support

Text Processing Options

Searching and Displaying Search Results

Highlighting Hits

Developer API Documentation

Developer Tutorials

Developer Diagnostics and Debugging



Ordering Information

Important sales and use tax information

Performance and Capacity

Optimizing indexing of large document collections

Optimizing search performance with the dtSearch Engine

Index size and performance

Multithreaded operations


dtSearch Desktop system and hardware requirements

dtSearch Engine system requirements (Windows, Linux, macOS)

dtSearch Web system requirements and performance

How to use the dtSearch Engine with Azure and AWS

What file formats does dtSearch support?

Databases and Field Searching

How to index databases with the dtSearch Engine

Field searching

How to add fields to documents during indexing

How to get field data in search results

Faceted search

Sorting search results

Relevance and term weighting

Promoting documents in search results

Implementing document classification

Indexing and Searching Web Sites

Indexing dynamically-generated web sites (WordPress, SharePoint etc.)

How to index SharePoint sites with the dtSearch Engine

How to index a web site with the dtSearch Spider

How to implement a web search application with the dtSearch Engine

International Language Support

International language support

Unicode support

Troubleshooting encoding detection

How to integrate the dtSearch Engine with a language analyzer

Text Processing Options

How to make '+', '#', or other characters searchable

Hyphenation options

How to use IFilters with dtSearch

What file formats does dtSearch support?

How to make common words like 'the' searchable

How to search for connector words like 'and' and 'not'

Forensics-related features

Searching and Displaying Search Results

How to display autocomplete suggestions

How to generate a synopsis to display in search results

How to add a synopsis to dtSearch Web search results

How to add custom fields to dtSearch Web search results

Highlighting Hits

Highlighting hits (API overview)

Caching text and documents in an index

Highlighting each term using different attributes

How to display retrieved XML documents with XSL formatting

Troubleshooting PDF hit highlighting (dtSearch Engine)

PDF viewers that support highlighting hits

Adobe Reader information

Developer API Documentation


Building and maintaining indexes

Highlighting hits

Installing the dtSearch Engine

Limiting searches with SearchFilters


Recognition of dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers

Relevance and term weighting

Search request syntax

Sorting search results

File parsers/document filters

64-bit APIs


.NET 5/.NET Core API

.NET Framework API

Java API

COM interface

Developer Tutorials (I-Programmer, CodeProject)


Developer Diagnostics and Debugging

Diagnostic tools for .NET developers

Diagnostic tools for C++ developers

Diagnostic Tools for Java Developers

Diagnostic Tools for Visual Basic and ASP Developers

Troubleshooting: BadImageFormatException in .NET applications

Troubleshooting: System.IO.FileNotFoundException in .NET applications


"Document Filters, Search Engines & The Anatomy Of A Binary Format" (PDF)

"Inside Counsel:  Key Search Tips for dtSearch Users" (PDF)

"Methods of Integrating Full-Text and Fielded Data Search" (PDF, reprinted from TechXtend)

"Mirroring Searchable Web Content on Portable Media" (PDF, reprinted from Programmer's Paradise)



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