Filename Filters

A filename filter is a pattern, like *.*, *.DOC, or FILE??10.DAT, that you can use to tell dtSearch which files you want it to search or index in a directory.  For example, if you have a directory of word processing files, and want to search all of the files beginning with SMITH and having the extension DOC, you would use the filter SMITH*.DOC. 

A "?" matches any single character, so SMITH?.DOC would match SMITH1.DOC, but not SMITH123.DOC. An asterisk ("*") in a file name filter matches any number of characters, so SMITH*.DOC would match SMITH001.DOC, SMITHAAA.DOC, etc. 

To use more than one filter, just list the filters, separated by spaces.  Example:



"Exclude" filters work the same as ordinary filters.  They just specify files that you do not want to include. 

Folder Names

If a filename filter contains a \ character or /, it is matched against the entire name of the document, including the folder it is in.  A filename filter that does not contain a / or \ is matched against the filename without the path.  Example:


would match any file in a folder named "Example".


would only match if "Example" was part of the filename, not including the path.

The same rule applies to web addresses indexed by the Spider, so if you add */NotThisFolder/* to your Exclude Filters, it would skip anything under

ZIP Archives

Inside ZIP archives, exclude filters apply in the same way that they apply to other files.    For example, if you exclude *.XLS, then sample.xls inside would be skipped.  

Include filters only apply inside a ZIP archive if they have a special format that indicates that they are supposed to apply to zipped files.  Otherwise, all files inside a ZIP are assumed to be included.  The format for include filters inside a ZIP is:


This filter would include only files named *.DOC, *.XLS, and *.PDF that are inside a ZIP archive.  To specify that items inside nested ZIP archives should also be indexed, the include filter would be:




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