Login Capture

Menu option: Options > Preferences > Spider passwords > Login...

Some web sites require you to fill out a web form to login and gain access to the site.  The Login capture dialog box provides a way to have dtSearch automatically capture all of the information on this form, so you can use the Spider to index the site.

To have dtSearch capture your login information for a web site:

1.  Enter the address of the login form under Enter web address and click Go to navigate to the login page.   If the window is not large enough to see the login page, you can resize the Login capture dialog box to make it larger.

2.  Login according to the instructions on the form.

3.  Click OK to save the captured settings.

After you login, you will see your username, passwords, and any hidden form variables listed under Captured login settings.   

Note: Passwords are saved without encryption, so anyone who has access to your computer may be able to read them. 


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