Numeric Range Searching

A numeric range search is a search for any numbers that fall within a range.  To add a numeric range component to a search request, enter the upper and lower bounds of the search separated by ~~ like this:

apple w/5 12~~17

This request would find any document containing apple within 5 words of a number between 12 and 17.


1.   A numeric range search includes the upper and lower bounds (so 12 and 17 would be retrieved in the above example).

2.   Numeric range searches only work with integers greater than or equal to zero, and less than 2,147,483,648

3.   For purposes of numeric range searching, decimal points and commas are treated as spaces and minus signs are ignored. For example, -123,456.78 would be interpreted as: 123 456 78 (three numbers).  Using alphabet customization, the interpretation of punctuation characters can be changed.  For example, if you change the comma and period from space to ignore, then 123,456.78 would be interpreted as 12345678.