Spider Passwords

Menu option: Options > Preferences > Spider passwords

You can use the Spider passwords settings to store a user name and password for sites that require login.  Note that any password information you store this way will be accessible to anyone else who uses this computer, or who has access to your files.

This is the name of the server where the web site is located.   This should be the domain name only, without the "http://" or any filename or folder information.

Login using a form on a web page
Check this box if the web site uses an HTML form for logging in.  Click Login... to have dtSearch automatically capture the settings used to login to this site.

Ask for password when needed
Check this box to have dtSearch prompt for a password when a site requires you to log in. You will have to enter the password each time you index the site, and dtSearch will not save your password information.


These are the username and password to login for this server.  If you leave this setting blank and check the Ask for password when needed box, then dtSearch will ask for a username and password when it accesses the site, if a password is needed.  If you fill in a password, dtSearch will remember the password so you can index or search on this server without entering a password each time. 

Note: Passwords are saved without encryption, so anyone who has access to your computer may be able to read them. 


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