dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference 7.86
Overview of the process of creating and updating indexes. 
Indexing and searching databases and meta-data in documents. 
How to display retrieved documents with hits highlighted 
To install the dtSearch Engine with your application on end-users' machines, install the following files into the same directory as the executable file that will be using the Engine:

Data files  
The SearchFilter object can be used to limit searches to a complex subset of a document collection, with minimal search-time overhead 
How to monitor the progress of an index update. 
Rules for multithreaded use of the dtSearch Engine. 
Sample applications 
Options to control the processing of searches 
How to sort search results after a search 
dtSearch includes an option to automatically recognize dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers in text during indexing. 
dtSearch provides several mechanisms to control how documents are scored for relevance during a search. 
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