dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference 7.86
Building and Maintaining Indexes
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Overview of the process of creating and updating indexes.


dtSearch can search large volumes of text very quickly. It does this by building an index that stores the location of words in your files. 

An index is a collection of files, most of which are named index_*.ix, located in a single folder. Each index must have its own directory. 

Any index can contain any combination of document formats.

How to create an index 
How to add documents to an index. 
How to remove documents from an index 
How to remove obsolete data from an index and optimize the index structure 
How to merge two or more indexes into a single index. 
How to determine that an index is not damaged or corrupt. 
Factors affecting indexing performance 
Sharing indexes on a network, and indexing across a network connection 
Storing documents and document text in an index 
dtSearch index formats and compatibility between versions 
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