How to change the size of the 'title' field

Article: DTS0144

When dtSearch indexes a document, it collects the first 80 characters of text in the document and uses this text as the "title" property of the document. The title is displayed in search results and is also available through the developer APIs.

The amount of text stored in the title is determined by the titleSize option, which can be increased from the default of 80 up to a maximum of 2048 characters or reduced to make the size of an index smaller.

Changes to the titleSize option only affect documents indexed after the change was made, so to change the title size of an existing index, the index would have to be completely rebuilt after changing the titleSize option.

dtSearch Desktop: A registry entry can be used to change this in dtSearch. The key is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\dtSearch Corp.\dtSearch\Settings\TitleSize

dtSearch developer API
Visual Basic, .NET:
Use the Options.TitleSize property
Use the titleSize member of dtsOptions
Use the titleSize member of the Options object

HTML and PDF files have their own "Title" property that dtSearch can use instead of the first 80 characters in the file. For more information on HTML and PDF titles, see How to display PDF and HTML titles in search results.


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