Launching files from dtSearch

Article: DTS0168

Adobe PDF Files

dtSearch uses either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files. Which program is used, and how it is opened in dtSearch, depends on the software that is installed and on your dtSearch settings.

Adobe Reader vs. Adobe Acrobat

dtSearch uses Windows' filename association for the .PDF extension to decide which program to launch to view PDF files.  If both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are installed, the filename association will be controlled by the setup programs for these products. 

Separate windows vs. embedded window

By default, dtSearch displays PDF files in the document pane in the dtSearch window. To open the PDF in a separate window, you can click the Launch button in dtSearch, or press F8. To have PDF files open in a separate window by default, click Options > Preferences > External Viewers, and check the box to "Display PDF files in a separate Adobe Reader window".

Other Files

When you click the Launch button or press F8 in dtSearch to launch a document, Windows' filename associations will determine which program is used to launch the file. For example, a .DOC file will usually open in Microsoft Word, and an .HTML file will open in your web browser.



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