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Article: DTS0172

Applies to: dtSearch Engine

.NET Interface

For information on newer .NET versions, please see: .NET Core/5/6 API

The dtSearch Engine includes a native .NET interface implemented in dtSearchNetApi4.dll (.NET 4.0 and later) and dtSearchNetApi2.dll (.NET 2.0 and later).

The dtSearch.Engine namespace includes the indexing, searching, and hit-highlighting API.  The dtSearch.Spider namespace includes classes for indexing web sites.  The .NET API is available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

For API documentation, see:

dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine .NET API Reference (.NET 2.0 - .NET 4.x)

After installing the dtSearch Engine, sample .NET applications can be found in these folders:

C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\asp.net2

C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2

C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\vb.net2

C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs4

C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\vb.net4

The dtSearchNetApi4.dll that is included with the dtSearch Engine is compiled without a strong name.  If you need a version built with a strong name, you can use the source code to dtSearchNetApi4.dll, which is installed here:

        C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cpp\dtSearchNetApi4

Using the source code and Visual Studio, you can recompile it with a strong name.

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