How to change dtSearch file locations

Article: DTS0174


The User Data Folder

Your dtSearch user data folder is where indexes, settings, and search results are saved. To see which folder dtSearch is using, or to select a different folder, start dtSearch Desktop and click Options > Preferences > Change dtSearch Folder.

dtSearch saves the most recent 100 searches in your user data folder. To change the number of searches saved, click Options > Preferences > Search Results and change the number under Number of search results lists to keep.


Each time you create an index, you can specify the location for the index in the Create Index dialog box. The default location for new indexes is the user data folder, but you can select a different folder as follows:

(1) Click Options > Preferences > Indexing Options

(2) Change the Default location for new indexes folder.

Temporary Files

The dtSearch Spider uses the Windows TEMP folder to store downloaded pages while they are being indexed. To use a different folder

(1) Click Options > Preferences > Spider Options

(2) Enter a folder name under Folder to use for temporary files

The dtSearch indexer uses the index folder to store large temporary files created during indexing.  To change this location,

(1) Click Options > Preferences > Indexing resources

(2) Enter a folder name under Temporary files


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