Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Web search results formatting

Article: DTS0176


Applies to: dtSearch Web


Symptom: Search results appear formatted incorrectly in a horizontal table format

Troubleshooting. The format of search results in dtSearch Web is controlled by a file with the same name as the search form but with _options instead of _form at the end of the name. For example, if the search form is named dtsearch_form.html, the options file will be named dtsearch_options.html. dtSearch Web uses the HTTP "referrer" variable to locate the search form that initiated a search, and then replaces _form with _options to find the options file. If you moved or renamed the search form, copy the _options.html file so that it continues to follow the naming convention described above and try searching again.

If this does not solve the problem, either the browser may not be providing a referrer, or the search form may have been edited to the point that the referrer variable is not meaningful (for example, if the search form is being dynamically generated by a script). In this situation, you can add a hard-coded virtual path to the search form to tell dtSearch Web where to look for the options file, as described below.

Symptom: Message "%%Error: include failed because file not found" at end of search results

Troubleshooting. dtSearch Web has an option to include the search form at the end of the search results list, so that users can easily search again. This option is implemented with a %%INCLUDE line at the end of the search form. After a search, dtSearch Web uses the HTTP "Referrer" variable to locate the original search form, and appends the form to the search results list. If the search form is not found, a message will appear indicating where dtSearch Web thought the form was located.

Most commonly, this problem occurs when the search form was moved or is generated dynamically. To eliminate the error message:

(Option 1) Remove the %%INCLUDE line from the dtsearch_options.html file so that dtSearch Web will not try to insert the search form into the search results list. To do this, edit the dtsearch_options.html file in notepad and remove the following text:


(Option 2) If you want the search form to be inserted into search results, edit the original search form to add a hidden variable specifying the form's location. To do this, find the hidden SearchForm variable that dtSearch Web Setup generates, which will look like this:

<input type="hidden" name="SearchForm" value="%%SearchForm%%">

Change the value to specify the location of the search form to be inserted, like this:

<input type="hidden" name="SearchForm" value="/search_form.html">


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