dtSearch Upgrade Information

Article: DTS0201

Indexes and Settings

The dtSearch upgrade installer will automatically remove your previous dtSearch version, install the new version, and will keep your existing indexes and settings.  

You can continue to use your existing indexes and settings after upgrading.  Newer versions of dtSearch can use indexes created by older versions from version 6.0 forward.

Hit highlighting

File parser changes between versions may cause hit highlighting to appear incorrectly in retrieved documents when a different dtSearch version is used to search an index than was used to create the index. To correct this, rebuild the index with the current dtSearch version.

dtSearch versions 7.62 and later can preserve accurate hit highlighting even when a document was indexed by an older version of dtSearch or when the document was edited since it was last indexed.  This feature is automatically enabled in dtSearch Desktop.  

For applications using the dtSearch Engine API, see the flag dtsConvertAutoUpdateSearch in the API documentation for information on using this feature.

Merging indexes (applies to dtSearch versions 7.93 and later)

If you use dtSearch to merge new indexes into older existing indexes: Indexes created with dtSearch 7.93 will not be compatible with older indexes for purposes of merging indexes, unless you specify when you create the newer index that it must be compatible with the older index that will be included in or the target of the merge. To create an index that is compatible with an existing older index, use Create Index (Advanced) and check the box to make the index compatible with the existing index. Using the API, set IndexJob.CreateCompatibleIndexPath.

dtSearch Desktop / Network Upgrades

To upgrade dtSearch Desktop, click Help > Check for Updates... > Check Now.

Users sharing indexes on a network should upgrade at the same time to ensure that all users who will be updating or searching the shared indexes have the same dtSearch version.

dtSearch Developer Product Upgrades

dtSearch developer customers who are currently covered for support and upgrades are licensed to download and use new versions.  If you are not current on your renewals, or are not certain of your renewal status, please contact sales@dtsearch.com to verify licensing status prior to downloading this version. 

To obtain the upgrade, run dtSearch Desktop and click Help > Check for Updates > Check Now.

You can also download the new version from http://www.dtsearch.com/download.html (installation password required).

30-Day Evaluation Version

A free 30-day evaluation version of dtSearch Desktop is available from the dtSearch web site.  The setup program will ask for a serial number to install dtSearch.  Check the box to install the evaluation version only and click the Next button.

New Features

Please see the Release Notes for information on new features. 


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