Home and Private Directories

The dtSearch option settings include two directories: the "Home" and the "Private" directories.

The "Home" directory is the location of settings files and executable components such as file parsers. This directory can be a shared network directory and is usually where the dtSearch Engine DLL is located.

The "Private" directory is the location where temporary files can be written and where per-user options settings are stored.

The two directories can be the same as long as only one user at a time is using the directory.

When the full path of a settings file, such as the user thesaurus (thesaur.xml) or the stemming rules file (stemming.dat) is not provided in the Options object, dtSearch will look for these files first in the Private directory and then in the Home directory.

For more information on the Home and Private Directories, see the "Home and Private Directories" in the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference.


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