How to search for connector words like 'and' and 'not'

Last Reviewed: August 4, 2013

Article: DTS101


Applies to: dtSearch (all versions)


How can I search for a phrase that contains one of the dtSearch connector words like and, or, and not. For example, how can I search for the phrase not relevant?


(1) Quote a connector word or the phrase it is in, or put a tilde after the connector. Examples:

"clear and convincing evidence"

not~ relevant

"to be or not to be"

(2) Connector words such as and and not are also included in the noise word list. Therefore, to make dtSearch index these files, you will need to change the noise word list to remove the words that you want to make searchable. For more information, see "How to make common words like 'the' searchable".

Additional Information

The dtSearch connector words are: and, or, not, to, contains.

Adding a ~ after a connector word prevents dtSearch from recognizing the word as a connector but does not otherwise affect the search. The ~ character after a word tells dtSearch to apply the stemming rules to it. Because the stemming rules included with dtSearch do not modify short words, the ~ does not change the outcome of a search for and, or, not, or to.