CreateObject errors creating dtSearchEngine.Server

Article: DTS0124


Applies to: dtSearch Engine COM interface


- CreateObject("dtSearchEngine.Server") fails.

- Error "424 Object Required" in an ASP script.

- ASP Error 8002801d "Library Not Registered"

- ASP Error 'ASP 0223' "TypeLib Not Found"

- ASP Error "METADATA tag contains a Type Library specification that does not match any Registry entry"

Possible Causes

- dtSearch Engine not registered

- Registry security blocking access to type library information

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check that the dtSearch Engine is registered

To check that the dtSearch Engine is registered, run the dtdemo.exe program in your dtSearch BIN folder (usually c:\program files\dtSearch\bin\dtdemo.exe). If dtdemo.exe does not run, the dtSearch Engine is not registered. To register the dtSearch Engine, execute the following command, replacing <path> with the full path to the dtSearch Engine.dll:

regsvr32 "<path>\dten600.dll"

After this is done, the dtdemo.exe program should work.

2. Run the dttest.asp diagnostic script

The dttest.asp diagnostic script is included with the dtSearch Engine in <dtsearch>\examples\asp\dttest.asp. To use the script, copy it into a folder on your web server that has "Execute (including script)" permission enabled, and then navigate to dttest.asp in a browser. The dttest.asp script will tell you if the dtSearch Engine could be accessed from ASP.

If you see the error "424 Object Required" when the the dtSearch Engine is accessed, or ASP Error 8002801d "Library Not Registered", it usually means either (a) the dtSearch Engine is not registered (see step 1 above), or (b) registry security is blocking access to the type library entry for dtSearch. If you are able to run the dtdemo.exe program in step 1 above, then registry security is probably the problem. Please see this article on the Microsoft web site for instructions to fix the registry security problem:

PRB: ASP Error 8002801d "Library Not Registered" (Q274038);EN-US;q274038

If you see a 500 error, check the Event Viewer (click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer) and check the System log to see the most recent error.  For information on interpreting Event Viewer entries, see Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Web server error codes.

An 80070005 error means that access was denied to the dtSearch Engine DLL.   To fix the error,

(1) Open Windows Explorer

(2) Locate dten600.dll, which is usually installed in C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\bin

(3) Right-click dten600.dll and select "Properties"

(4) Add "Read" and "Execute" access for "Everyone".


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