How will upgrading or installing the purchased version of dtSearch affect my dtSearch indexes and settings?

Last Reviewed: August 4, 2013

Article: DTS0159



The dtSearch installer will preserve your existing dtSearch option settings when upgrading.


dtSearch indexes created by older versions from 6.0 forward can be used by newer versions. Therefore, you will still be able to use your existing indexes after upgrading to a newer version. However, file parser changes between versions may cause hit highlighting to appear incorrectly in retrieved documents when a different dtSearch version is used to search an index than was used to create the index. To correct this, rebuild the index with the current dtSearch version.

dtSearch versions 7.62 and later can preserve accurate hit highlighting even when a document was indexed by an older version of dtSearch or when the document was edited since it was last indexed.  This feature is automatically enabled in dtSearch Desktop.  

In applications using the dtSearch Engine API, see the flag dtsConvertAutoUpdateSearch in the API documentation for information on using this feature.