Troubleshooting: 'Encrypted paths' error message from dtSearch Web

Article: DTS0199

Applies to: dtSearch Web 6.4 and later


dtSearch Web displays an error message indicating that an index could not be accessed because "encrypted paths" were enabled.


dtSearch Web has an option to encrypt index locations on the search form.  If this option is enabled, dtSearch Web will refuse to accept unencrypted index paths in a search request.  Encrypted paths are enabled in dtSearch Web if (a) the search form has encrypted paths enabled in its dtsearch_options.html file, or (b) no dtsearch_options.html file could be found for the search form.

Encrypted paths are resolved using a table that is stored in the registry when a search form is generated, so if a search form with encrypted paths is created on one server, it will not work if copied to another server.


To resolve this problem, generate a new search form on the affected server.  If the form is generated without encrypted paths, dtSearch Web will accept index references from the form without encryption.

To fix the problem on an existing form,

(1) Locate the dtsearch_options.html file that is associated with the search form, and
(2) Add this setting to the file:


<BR><HR><I>Encrypt index paths in search form: </I>

<!-- $Begin EncryptIndexPaths -->


<!-- $End -->

If the dtsearch_options.html file for the search form is not being found, see this article for troubleshooting steps:

Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Web search results formatting


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