Troubleshooting PDF hit highlighting problems in dtSearch Publish

Article: DTS0210

Applies to: dtSearch Publish 


After a search, click on a PDF file in the search results list and the document appears but hits are not highlighted.

Troubleshooting Steps

1.  Check that the plug-in to enable hit highlighting is installed.

Adobe Reader DC, X or XI requires a plug-in to enable hit highlighting.  For information on the plug-in and a link to download it, please see

Additionally, dtSearch Publish 7.67 or later is needed to highlight hits in Adobe Reader X or XI.

2.  If Adobe Reader 9 is installed, enable hit highlighting in Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader 9 disables hit highlighting by default.  To enable hit highlighting,

(1) Open Adobe Reader

(2) Click Edit > Preferences > Search, and

(3) check the box labelled Enable search highlights from external highlight server.

The same procedure applies to Adobe Acrobat 9.

3.  If another PDF viewer is installed, please check for compatibility information in this article:
PDF viewers that support highlighting hits

4. Check that PDF files are in a folder that us under the root\data folder on the CD

For PDF hit highlighting to work in dtSearch Publish, the PDF files must be located under the root\data folder on the CD.  For example, if the CD master folder is in c:\SampleCD, then the PDF files must be located in or under the c:\SampleCD\root\data folder.


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