Troubleshooting -- Browser prompts to download dtisapi6.dll, or displays blank window, after search

Article: DTS0216

Applies to: dtSearch Web 

Symptom: When you click the "Search" button in dtSearch Web, either nothing happens or your web browser displays a prompt to download dtisapi6.dll

1.  Check that you are accessing the search form using an http: address, rather than opening a local file.

If you open a search form using a filename, such as c:\inetpub\wwwroot\dtsearch.html, then the form will not work correctly because the address used does not reference a web server.   Instead, use an http: address such as http://localhost/dtsearch.html to open the search form.  

2.  On the web server, in Internet Information Services Manager, check that the virtual directory containing dtisapi6.dll has "Execute" permission enabled and not "Read" permission.   This ensures that the web server will execute dtisapi6.dll in response to web requests, generating search results, instead of returning dtisapi6.dll itself.

3.  Check that the index being searched has security settings that allow it to be read by users accessing the web site.   One way to do this is to locate the index under your wwwroot folder.



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