How to add multicolor highlighting to a search form

Article: DTS0238

Applies to: dtSearch Web/Publish 7.85 and later

dtSearch Web and dtSearch Publish now offer the option to highlight each search term or phrase in a search request in a different color. The colors used for highlighting are stored in the dtsearch_options.html file in the HighlightColors section.

To enable this option when generating a search form, click the Document Display Options tab in Form Builder and check the box to "Highlight hits using multiple colors."

To modify an existing search form to use multiple colors, add these lines to the end of your dtsearch_options.html file:

<BR><HR><I>HighlightColors: </I>
<!-- $Begin HighlightColors -->
<!-- $End -->
<BR><HR><I>Highlight hits using multiple colors: </I>
<!-- $Begin MultiColorHighlighting -->
<!-- $End -->


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