How to use Edge to view PDF files with hit highlighting

Article: DTS0244

Applies to: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Engine

dtSearch is able to highlight hits in PDF files using a plug-in that runs within Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader.  For this to work, Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader must be installed, and the dtSearch plug-in must be installed as well.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available here:

The dtSearch PDF Search Highlighter plug-in is available here:

Currently, the only way to use Adobe Acrobat Reader within a web browser is to use Microsoft Edge in "IE Mode".  Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox each have a built-in PDF viewer that does not support highlighting hits in PDF files after a search.  

For more information on Edge IE Mode, please see these articles:

Microsoft Edge IE Mode (

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge (

Impact of Internet Explorer 11 end-of-life on Acrobat and Acrobat Reader desktop apps (

To use Edge in IE Mode,

(1) Follow the instructions in this Microsoft article to enable IE Mode: Microsoft Edge IE Mode ( and add the IE Mode toolbar button

(2) Install Adobe Reader

(3) Install the dtSearch PDF Search Highlighter

(4) Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to this test page:

(5) Click the "IE Mode" toolbar button  to reload the page in IE Mode.

An Adobe Reader window will have a floating toolbar, like this:

When you press F8, a standard Adobe Reader toolbar will appear in place of the floating toolbar.

If the PDF file does not open in Adobe Reader inside the browser, then your web browser is not set up to use Adobe Reader for PDF files.  To change your browser settings to use Adobe Reader, please see this Adobe article:


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