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Getting Started

Quick Start

Installing dtSearch on a Network

Automatic deployment of dtSearch on a network

Command-Line Options

Keyboard Shortcuts


What is a Document Index?

Creating an Index

Caching Documents and Text in an Index

Indexing Documents

Scheduling Index Updates

Relative Paths

Noise Words

Indexing Web Sites

Using the Spider to Index Web Sites

Spider Options

Spider Passwords

Login Capture

Sharing Indexes on a Network

Creating a Shared Index

Sharing Option Settings

Index Library Manager

Searching using dtSearch Web

Working with Indexes

Index Manager

Recognizing an Existing Index

Deleting an Index

Renaming an Index

Compressing an Index

Verifying an Index

List Index Contents

Merging Indexes

Searching for Documents

Search Dialog Box

Browse Words

More Search Options

Search History

Searching for a List of Words

Browse Thesaurus


Search Results

Copying retrieved files

Saving Search Results

Selecting Items in Search Results

Search Reports

Search Requests

Search Requests (Overview)

Natural Language Searching

Words and Phrases

Wildcards (*, ? and =)

Fuzzy Searching

Phonic Searching


Synonym Searching

Numeric Range Searching

Field Searching

AND connector

OR Connector

W/N Connector


Variable Term Weighting

Search Macros

Automatic recognition of dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers

Regular Expressions


Indexing Options

Letters and Words

Alphabet Customization

Filtering Options

File Types

File Segmentation

Text Fields

Search Options

Search Results Format

User Thesaurus

Document Display

Document Fonts and Colors

PDF Viewing Options

External Viewers

Settings Files

Stemming Rules


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