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dtSearch::Engine::ErrorCodes Enumeration
dtSearch Engine API for .NET Framework 2.x-4.x
dtSearch::Engine::ErrorCodes Enumeration
Visual Basic
dtsErOK = 0
No error
dtsErAccIndex = 1
Unable to access index
dtsAskDiskFullOverride = 2
If IndexingFlags.dtsCheckDiskSpace was set in an IndexJob, and if it appears that disk space is insufficient, then dtsAskDiskFullOverride will be sent to the error handler; the calling program should always allow the update to be cancelled in this case (the default action).
dtsErOpenTemp = 3
Unable to open temporary file.
dtsInfNoFilesToIndex = 4
Obsolete; no longer used.
dtsErIxWrongVersion = 5
Index built by incompatible version of dtSearch
dtsErIxInterrupted = 6
Obsolete; no longer used.
dtsErAccDirectory = 7
Unable to create or access directory
dtsErWorkDirFail = 8
Private directory is already locked
dtsErAccFile = 9
Unable to access input file
dtsErFileCorrupt = 10
File format error reading input file
dtsErIndexFull = 11
Index is full
dtsErPdfLzwNotLicensed = 12
Obsolete; no longer used.
dtsErTimeout = 13
Operation timed out (trigged by timeoutSeconds)
dtsErCreateFailed = 14
Unable to create index
dtsErCommitFailed = 15
Unable to commit changes to index
dtsErFileNotFound = 16
The document was not found in the index (returned when a document listed to be removed from an index is not found in the index)
dtsErFileEncrypted = 17
The document could not be accessed due to encryption
dtsErApiError = 18
Incorrectly configured API structure (for example, invalid dtSearchJob)
dtsErDataSourceException = 19
Exception thrown by data source
dtsErBlankFilename = 20
Filename is blank
dtsErFileEmpty = 21
File contains no data
dtsErInvalidHandle = 22
A handle passed to a dtSearch API function was invalid
dtsErConflictingDocIdRanges = 23
In an index merge, the flag dtsIndexKeepExistingDocIds was set and one or more indexes had overlapping doc id ranges
dtsErLowMemory = 112
Search halted due to low memory available
dtsErBadRequest = 116
Syntax error in search request
dtsErSearchRequestEmpty = 117
Search request is blank
dtsErSearchLimitReached = 120
Search found more files than the autoStopLimit for the search job
dtsErNoFilesRetrieved = 122
No files retrieved in search
dtsErRequestTooLong = 135
Search request was longer than dtsMaxSearchRequestLen
dtsErMaxWords = 137
Too many words retrieved in index
dtsErWrFile = 143
Unable to write output file
dtsErDiskFull = 159
Disk full -- indexing halted
dtsErIxCorrupt = 162
Index is corrupt
dtsErAccessDenied = 177
Access to the index was denied
dtsErOperationCancelled = 178
The operation was cancelled by the caller
dtsErConnectFailed = 201
Unable to connect to data source during indexing
dtsErAccCachedDoc = 202
Unable to access cached document in index
dtsErIndexingError = 203
Index update could not complete due to an error accessing the index
dtsErOutOfMemory = 204
An out-of-memory error occurred
dtsErUnknownException = 205
An unexpected exception occurred
dtsErContainerItemCorrupt = 206
An item stored inside a container format could not be extracted due to data corruption
dtsErContainerItemEncrypted = 207
An item stored inside a container format could not be extracted due to encryption
dtsErContainerFormatUnsupported = 208
A container could be be processed due to an unsupported file format

Error codes are returned after a job completes. In the C++ API, use the dtsErrorInfo attached to a job to access error codes. In .NET, use the Errors property of the job. In Java, use getErrors().

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