Does dtSearch have any size limitations?

Article: dts0134

Index and Document Size

dtSearch works by building an index of your documents. You can create as many indexes as you want, and in a search you can search any or all of them by clicking on the ones you want to search.

Each index can hold over a terabyte of text, in up to 2 billion documents.  If you fill up an index, dtSearch will display an "Index is full" message and stop adding documents to the index.

There is no specific limit on the number of words in an index.

Container file formats such as ZIP, MBX, PST, and CSV have no specific size limit.  dtSearch can index files larger than 4gb in these formats.

Individual documents can be up to 2Gb in size and will be indexed fully.  dtSearch uses efficient memory management to handle even very large files.  If a file is too large to be processed using available memory, the file will be skipped and the name recorded in the log of indexing errors.  

If a single file is larger than 2Gb and does not appear to be in a recognized container format or a PDF file, dtSearch will handle it as a unrecognized binary file.  

dtSearch uses signed 32-bit integers to store word offsets, so a single document can also have a maximum of 2 billion words.

There is no limit on the length of a field within a document, nor is there a limit on the maximum number of fields in a document.

For more information on factors affecting index size, see Index size.

Search Limits

The maximum length of a search request is 65,000 characters.

In dtSearch Desktop, the limit on the maximum number of documents to retrieve in a search can be changed in the Options > Preferences > Search Options dialog box.