How to integrate the dtSearch Engine with a language analyzer

Article: dts0192

Applies to: dtSearch Engine 6.22 and later

The dtSearch Engine has a Language Analyzer API that can be used to integrate morphological analyzers and custom or dictionary-Based word breakers into the dtSearch Engine indexing process.

For C++ sample code demonstrating use of the Language Analyzer API, see the examples\cpp\LanguageAnalyzer folder after installing the dtSearch Engine.  A CSampleLanguageAnalyzer class that can be used as a starting point for development is in la_sample.cpp in this folder.   For API documentation, see the "Language Analyzer API" topic in the dtSearch Engine help file, dtSearchApiRef.chm.

Additional sample code demonstrating use of the Language Analyzer API to integrate with Rosette® Platform from Basis Technology Corp. is also available from Basis Technology Corp.  For more information about use of the Rosette products with dtSearch, please see this white paper: