How to add a synopsis to dtSearch Web search results

Article: dts0211

Applies to: dtSearch Publish, dtSearch Web

dtSearch Publish and dtSearch Web search results can include, for each document listed, a brief snippet of text showing a few hits in context.  To enable this feature,

(1) Add an entry for the synopsis to your search results format, and

(2) Build your indexes with caching of text enabled.

1.  Adding the synopsis to your search results format

To add the synopsis using the "Build Search Form" tool in dtSearch Web Setup, select the "Search Results" tab, and check the "Synopsis" box before you generate the form.

To add a synopsis to an existing search form, edit your dtSearch_Options.html file and add %%Synopsis%% in the ResultsTableItem section of the file.

2.  Indexing with caching of text enabled

Generation of a synopsis is much faster if you build your indexes with caching of text enabled, because the context can be extracted from the index without the need to access the original files.   Caching text is also helpful when the page may not be accessible to the dtSearch Engine when the search report is generated.  

To create an index with caching of text enabled, click Index > Create Index (Advanced) in dtSearch Desktop, and check the "Cache document text in the index" box.  For more information about caching, see:

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