How to index CSV or HTML files as plain text

Article: dts0213

Applies to: dtSearch 7.21 and later

To make dtSearch Desktop treat a group of files as plain text even though dtSearch thinks the files are HTML or CSV or another text-Based format,

(1) Open dtSearch Desktop and click Options > Preferences > File Types

(2) Click New... to create a new rule and give the rule a name (the name does not matter)

(3) Under File type" select Ansi Text, DOS Text, or UTF8 Text, depending on the type of text in the files (Ansi Text is usually the best choice for files that were created in Windows).

(4) Under Filename filters, enter filter expressions like *.csv or *.html to identify the files that are to be covered by the rule.

(5) Check the box labelled Override all other file type detection methods for these files.

(6) Click OK

To use these settings in the dtSearch Engine API, use FileTypeTableFile property of the Options object to tell dtSearch to use the filetype.xml file that dtSearch Desktop creates after following the procedure described above.


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