How to use the dtSearch Engine with Azure and AWS


Article: dts0239

Applies to: dtSearch Engine for Windows/Linux

The dtSearch Engine works with either Windows or Linux on x86 or x64 hardware. Azure and AWS support both types of virtual machines so developers can choose either to use with dtSearch. For articles on using the dtSearch Engine with Azure, including sample projects using the dtSearch Engine API, please see

Platform requirements and dependencies

For details on platform compatibility with Windows and Linux, please see:
dtSearch Engine system requirements (Windows, Linux, macOS)

The dtSearch Engine does not depend on any other database components or services.

Index Storage

Indexes must be visible to the dtSearch Engine through the file system, either as local files on the same virtual machine or as network shares.

For information on building and maintaining indexes using the dtSearch Engine API, please see:

For recommendations on building indexes efficiently, please see:
Optimizing indexing of large document collections

Document and Data Storage

The dtSearch Engine can index local or network file systems or it can index data supplied through the DataSource API.

When using the DataSource API, the data can be passed to the dtSearch Indexer as needed for indexing, giving the developer complete control over the location of the source data.  Data indexed using the DataSource API can include binary documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) as well as sets of field-value pairs.  For more information on the DataSource API, please see:

How to index databases with the dtSearch Engine
API Overview -- Indexing Databases
.NET DataSource API documentation
.NET Core/5/6 DataSource API documentation
Once an index has been built, the original documents are not needed to search. Searches are executed using only the dtSearch Indexes.

After a search dtSearch can display retrieved documents with hits highlighted.  To generate the hit-highlighted view of a document, the calling application can supply the original document data again or, alternatively, the index can be built with the original documents zip-compressed and stored in the index. For more information on document display and hit highlighting, please see:

Highlighting Hits

Developer APIs

Under Linux, the dtSearch Engine has C++, Java, and .NET Core/5/6 APIs.  Under Windows, .NET (C#, VB.NET) and COM are also supported.