dtSearch .NET Standard API 2023.02
dtSearch.Engine.ConvertFlags Enumeration
Do not insert BeforeHit and AfterHit marks for a hit that cannot be displayed in HTML because the text is not visible. If this flag is not set, a pair of beforeHit/afterHit tags will be added before the next visible text in the file.
Remove JavaScript from HTML files when adding hit highlight markings. JavaScript in HTML files can cause errors if displayed outside of the expected context of the script.
Extract a document either from an index or from a container
Add hit highlight markings to XML data while retaining the XML format. Both the input and output formats must be XML. See Highlighting hits in XML files in the dtSearch Engine Programmer's Reference (dtSearchApiRef.chm) for information on this flag.
Just detect the file type of the document and return it in detectedTypeId, without generating any output.
Use CSS styles instead of inline formatting to format HTML output. This affects content such as email headers, document properties, attachment filenames, and other content that does not have its own formatting from the document. See Conversion output formatting in the dtSearch Engine Programmer's Reference (dtSearchApiRef.chm) for information on this flag.
Read input file from cached document stored in the index.
If the input is a container (such as a ZIP file), recursively unpack each item in the container, convert it, and append it to the output. dtsConvertInlineContainer is ignored if the input file is not a container, so it has no effect on the processing of .doc, .xls, etc. files.
Automatically update hit offsets if this document was indexed by an earlier version of dtSearch or was changed since it was last indexed. When using this flag, SetInputItem() must be used to transfer information about the search from SearchResults. Additionally, the SearchResults must be generated from a search and not by calling UrlDecodeItem, because dtSearch needs information from the original search to ensure that highlighting information is correct.
include BOM in UTF-8 output
Highlight each search term using different highlighting attributes. See Highlighting each term using different attributes in the dtSearch Engine Programmer's Reference (dtSearchApiRef.chm) for information on this flag.

Flags for dtsConvertJob2 (C++) and FileConverter (.NET, Java)