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dtSearch .NET Standard API 2023.01
IndexJob.FoldersToIndex Property

List of folders (or files) to index (add <+> after a folder name to include subfolders).

public List<string> FoldersToIndex;

Use FoldersToIndex to specify the folders that should be scanned to locate documents to be indexed. Add <+> after a folder name to include subfolders, like this: "c:\docs<+>". 

A file will be indexed if it matches one of the IncludeFilters and does not match any of the ExcludeFilters

Filenames can also be added to FoldersToIndex, so to add c:\docs\sample.doc to the index, add "c:\docs\sample.doc" to the FoldersToIndex collection (this is more efficient than adding "c:\docs" to FoldersToIndex and setting IncludeFilters to "sample.doc").

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