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dtSearch .NET Standard API 2023.01
SearchResults.UrlDecodeItemWithIndex Method

UrlDecodeItemWithIndex converts a string created by UrlEncodeItem or UrlEncodeItemWithIndexId back into a search results item.

public bool UrlDecodeItemWithIndex( string val, string indexPath );

UrlDecodeItemWithIndex is identical to UrlEncodeItem except that the caller can provide the path to the index, overriding any value that may be included in the URL. 

UrlEncodeItem can be used to create HREFs to use in HTML search results. When the user clicks the link, the URL-encoded item will be sent as part of the Query String. A server-based application that receives the URL-encoded item can then use UrlDecodeItem to convert the data in the HREF back into a SearchResults object. This eliminates the need to keep the SearchResults object in memory between requests, making stateless operation possible on web servers. 

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