Copying retrieved files

Menu option: Edit > Copy File...

After a search, you can copy all or some of the retrieved documents to a folder.  To copy files listed in search results,

1.  After the search, select the documents that you want to copy.

2.  Click Edit > Copy File...

3.  Enter a folder to store the copied files under Destination


Check the Preserve folder names box to include the folder name of each document in the destination path.   Otherwise, all files will be copied to the same folder without path information.  If multiple files with the same name are copied to the same folder, dtSearch will add numbers to the filenames to make them unique.

Check the box to Shorten long filenames to have dtSearch limit the length of long filenames.  (Windows can have problems accessing files with names (including path information) longer than 255 characters.)

File dates

The file modification date of each copied file will be the same as the original.  

Check the Preserve file creation and last access times box to transfer the creation and last access dates to the copied file as well.

Cached documents

If an index was created with caching of documents enabled, Copy File will copy the document from the cached version stored in the index.  Additionally, because dtSearch does not store last access dates in the index, only the last modified and creation dates are preserved.

Documents in containers

If a document is stored in a container format such as a ZIP file, email archive, or database, dtSearch will extract the document from the container and only copy the extracted document.  If you would rather have dtSearch copy the entire container file, check the box to do this.

PST files

Extraction of messages from PST files can be slow because PST files take a long time to open.  If you are indexing Outlook PST data and expect to be copying many files for review, it is usually more efficient to use the dtSearch mapitool.exe utility to extract the message items first and then to index the extracted items.  Otherwise copying files for review after a search can take a very long time.  Please see this article for more information:  How to index Outlook and Exchange messages with dtSearch.


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