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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
Adding documents to an index

How to add documents to an index.

To add files to an index, you can provide a list of filenames or a list of folder names with optional include/exclude filters. 

If a list of filenames is provided, all of the files will be indexed (the include and exclude filters will not affect files in the list). 

If a folder name or a list of folder names is provided, the include and exclude filters will be applied to the files in each folder to select files to index. 

When adding a file to an index, the dtSearch Engine first checks to see if the file has already been indexed and only reindexes the file if it has been modified since the last time it was indexed. A reindexed file replaces the old version, and information about the old version is marked as obsolete in the index. Compressing an index (see below) removes this obsolete information. 

For information on indexing databases, or indexing files and databases in combination, see: 

Indexing Databases

DIndexJob or dtsIndexJob, set action.add = true
dtSearch::Engine::IndexJob, set ActionAdd = true
com.dtsearch.engine.IndexJob, setActionAdd(true)
COM (Visual Basic, ASP)
IIndexJob (IndexJob) object, set ActionAdd = true
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