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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
C# 2.0-3.5 Samples

C# samples for .NET 2.0 and later

The following projects are for use with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\ado_demo 

Database indexing example in VB.NET. Uses the DataSourceToIndex property of an IndexJob to index ADO.NET databases.


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\DesktopSearch 

Demonstrates indexing, searching, and hit highlighting in a desktop search application.


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\dsfolder 

Demonstrates use of the DataSourceToIndex property of an IndexJob to index documents in a folder. 


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\ListFields 

Demonstrates use of enumerable fields to list all values of a field in an index, or in a set of documents.


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\SpiderDemo 

Uses the dtSearch.Spider .NET API to index web sites.


C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs2\IndexCacheDemo 

Uses the IndexCache class for faster searching.

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