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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
ViewerInfoFlags Enumeration

Values for dtsViewerInfo.flags

File: dtsviewr.h

enum ViewerInfoFlags { viIsContainer = 0x01, viIsHypertext = 0x02, viAnsiCharSet = 0x04, viNeedDiskFile = 0x08, viReturnsRtf = 0x10, viUtf8CharSet = 0x20, viReturnsHtml = 0x40, viIs64bit = 0x100, viIsBeta = 0x800000L };
viIsContainer = 0x01
File type is a container (like ZIP
viIsHypertext = 0x02
viAnsiCharSet = 0x04
Text is returned using the Ansi character set
viNeedDiskFile = 0x08
This file parser cannot accept input from a dtsInputStream and requires a disk file
viReturnsRtf = 0x10
File parser can return RTF.
viUtf8CharSet = 0x20
Text is returned using the UTF-8 encoding
viReturnsHtml = 0x40
File parser can return HTML.
viIs64bit = 0x100
For container file parsers, indicates that the parser uses 64-bit values for indexInContainer.
viIsBeta = 0x800000L
Will be set only in beta builds of the dtSearch Engine for new file parsers that are being beta tested
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