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DSearchJob::FoldersToSearch Data Member
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
DSearchJob::FoldersToSearch Data Member

The FoldersToSearch, IncludeFilters, and ExcludeFilters specify files to be searched in an unindexed search.

DStringSetProperty FoldersToSearch;

To search a folder and all subfolders under it, add <+> after the folder name in the FoldersToSearch (as part of the same string, like this: "c:\docs<+>"). A file will be searched if (1) it is in one of the Folders To Search, (2) it matches one of the IncludeFilters, and (3) it does not match any of the Exclude Filters. A filename filter that does not contain a backslash is compared to the name of each file. A filename filter that contains a backslash is compared to the fully-qualified pathname of each file. Examples:

*.DOC *\DOCS\*.WPD *\My Documents\*
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