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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
DSearchResults::UrlEncodeItem Method
static void UrlEncodeItem(dtsSearchResultsItem& item, DString& dest, ptrdiff_t maxLen, const char * indexId = 0);
dtsSearchResultsItem& item
The search results item to encode
DString& dest
String buffer to receive encoded item
ptrdiff_t maxLen
Maximum length of the string to generate
const char * indexId = 0
Optional value to replace the index path in the generated URL
If indexId is provided, it will be stored in the URL in the form ixid=indexId, and the value provided for indexId will be URL-encoded.

URL-encode an item in search results. An item is url-encoded by storing the index path, document id, and hit offsets. Some browsers and web servers are unable to handle very long URLs, so the string generated should be limited, using the maxLen parameter, to 1024 characters.

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