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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsDataSourceFileInfo Structure

File: dtsviewr.h

struct dtsDataSourceFileInfo { const char * filename; __int64 size; long errorCode; const char * errorMessage; dtsFileDate modified; dtsFileDate created; long accessResult; };
const char * filename;
Name of the item
__int64 size;
Size of the document in bytes. When a dtsDataSourceFileInfo is returned from getNextDocInfo() or getDocInfoByName(), size can be returned as zero. (This can make getNextDocInfo or getDocInfoByName more efficient in situations where determining the size of the document is a time-consuming operation.)
long errorCode;
Error code, if any, returned from the data source. The indexer will pass this error through to the code that executed the IndexJob through the indexing status notification callback.
const char * errorMessage;
Error message, if any, returned from the data source
dtsFileDate modified;
Modification date of the item (UTC)
dtsFileDate created;
Creation date of the item (UTC)
long accessResult;
DataSourceAccessResult value indicating whether the item could be accessed. When the indexer is checking for documents that should be removed from the index because they no longer exist, only documents that are returned with dtsArNotFound are removed.

To be returned from dtsDataSource.getNextDocInfo or dtsDataSource.getFileInfoByName from a data source

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