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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsLanguageAnalyzerInterface Structure

Provide information about an analyzer to the dtSearch Engine.

File: dts_la.h

struct dtsLanguageAnalyzerInterface { const char * name; dtsAnalyzerHandle (* pCreateAnalyzer)(); void (* pDestroyAnalyzer)(dtsAnalyzerHandle hAnalyzer); int (* pInitializeJob)(dtsAnalyzerHandle hAnalyzer, dtsLaJob& toInitialize); bool (* pAnalyze)(dtsAnalyzerHandle hAnalyzer, dtsLaJob& job); void (* pDestroyJob)(dtsAnalyzerHandle hAnalyzer, dtsLaJob& toDestroy); };

If your language analyzer class is based on CLanguageAnalyzerBase, then calling CLanguageAnalyzerBase::makeInterface() will set up all of these function pointers except for pCreateAnalyzer

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