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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsIndexJob Structure

Describes an indexing task to be performed.

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsIndexJob : public dtsJobBase { char indexName[IndexNameLen]; char indexPath[FileNameLen]; short allowConcurrentAccess; dtsIndexJobAction action; dtsIndexJobCreateFlags createFlags; struct dtsFileSpec toAdd; char toRemoveList[FileNameLen]; const char * tempFileDir; struct dtsDataSource * dataSourceToIndex; const char * storedFields; long indexingFlags; long maxTextToCache; long autoCommitIntervalMB; long maxMemToUseMB; void (* pOnIndexWordFn)(void *pOnIndexWordData, struct dtsOnIndexWordInfo *info); void * pOnIndexWordData; long startingDocId; char storedFieldDelimiterChar; const char * enumerableFields; const char * createCompatibleIndexPath; };

Call dtssDoIndexJob to execute a dtsIndexJob.

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