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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsOptions Structure

Sets dtSearch Engine indexing and searching option settings.

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsOptions { long binaryFiles; char binaryFilterTextChars[256]; long hyphens; char alphabetFile[FileNameLen]; long indexNumbers; char noiseWordFile[FileNameLen]; char stemmingRulesFile[FileNameLen]; long maxWordsToRetrieve; long maxStoredFieldSize; long titleSize; char xmlIgnoreTags[512]; long maxWordLength; char segmentationRulesFile[FileNameLen]; char textFieldsFile[FileNameLen]; char userThesaurusFile[FileNameLen]; long updateFiles; long lzwEnableCode; char homeDir[FileNameLen]; char privateDir[FileNameLen]; char booleanConnectors[512]; char fileTypeTableFile[FileNameLen]; long textFlags; long maxFieldNesting; long autoFilterSizeMB; char macroChar; char fuzzyChar; char phonicChar; char stemmingChar; char synonymChar; char weightChar; char matchDigitChar; char storedFieldDelimiterChar; long fieldFlags; char unicodeFilterRanges[256]; long unicodeFilterBlockSize; long unicodeFilterFlags; long unicodeFilterMinTextSize; dtsLanguageAnalyzerInterface * pAnalyzer; long unicodeFilterWordOverlapAmount; char tempFileDir[200]; };

Deprecated -- use dtsOptions2 instead of dtsOptions. 

To change option settings,

  1. Call dtssGetOptions to get the option settings currently in effect
  2. Change the values in dtsOptions as needed, and
  3. Call dtssSetOptions to apply the changes

Option settings are not persisted anywhere so changes must be made each time a new program instance starts. 

Option settings apply to the current thread and any threads created after the current thread. Therefore, each thread can have its own settings.

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