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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
IFileConverter::AlphabetLocation Property
__property BSTR AlphabetLocation;

The location of the dtSearch alphabet file to use when highlighting hits. SetInputItem will set this based on information in SearchResults.

The alphabet file determines how dtSearch counts words, so it is important that the same alphabet file used to index or search a file also be used to highlight hits. For more information on how hit highlighting works, see Highlighting Hits in the online help. To ensure that the same alphabet used to index a file is used to highlight hits in that file, set the alphabetLocation to the folder where the index is located. The alphabet definition will be stored in this folder (in a file named INDEX_A.IX). If no alphabetLocation is specified, dtSearch will use the default alphabet. To obtain the alphabet location for a SearchResults item, use DocDetailItem("_indexPath").

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