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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
ISearchJob Interface

File: dten600.idl 

Module: COM Interface 

interface ISearchJob : IDispatch;

Performs searches with or without an index.

To perform a search, make a SearchJob, use the properties to describe the task you want the engine to perform, and call the Execute() method.

Obtaining Search Results

You can request search results in an in-memory object, a listing file created after a search, or through callbacks sent through the StatusHandler object. 

To obtain search results in an in-memory object, sorted by relevance, set the MaxFilesToRetrieve property to the size of the search results object you want. After a search, use the Results property of the SearchJob to access search results, like this:

Dim r as SearchResults Set r = searchJob.Results for i = 0 to r.Count-1 r.GetNthDoc(i) next i

To obtain a text file listing the filenames of retrieved files, supply a filename in OutputListingName

To obtain an unsorted list of documents as they are retrieved, with hit counts, implement the ReceiveFound callback method in an object attached to the StatusHandler member. To obtain detailed information instead of a simple list of filenames, implement the ReceiveFoundWithDetail callback method. To obtain hit offsets for each document as it is retrieved, implement the ReceiveHits callback method. Because of the overhead associated with implementing callbacks in COM, this method is much slower than using SearchResults. 

Use the NewSearchJob method of the Server object to create a new SearchJob object.

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