dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
IIndexJob Interface

Creates and updates indexes

File: dten600.idl 

Module: COM Interface 

interface IIndexJob : IDispatch;

For more information on creating, updating, and maintaining indexes, see Building and Maintaining Indexes

To create or update an index, make an IndexJob, use the properties to describe the indexing task you want the engine to perform, and call the Execute method. 

IndexJob provides two ways to specify the text to be indexed:

  1. the ToAddXXX members let you specify directories and filename filters identifying a set of disk files to index, and the DataSourceToIndex member lets you supply text data directly to the dtSearch Engine for indexing.
  2. DataSourceToIndex is useful for indexing data from non-file sources such as message stores, SQL databases, dynamically-generated data, or any non-file data accessible to your program. For more information, see "Indexing COM Data Sources"

Use the NewIndexJob method of the Server object to create a new IndexJob object.