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IIndexJob::EnumerableFields Property
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
IIndexJob::EnumerableFields Property

Used to specify that the text in certain fields should be stored in the index in a way that permits unique field values to be enumerated quickly.

__property BSTR EnumerableFields;

When a field is listed in enumerableFields, all of the values of that field are stored in the index in a way that permits the values to be enumerated using WordListBuilder.ListFieldValues. To specify the fields, set enumerableFields to point to a null-delimited list of field names, terminated with a double-null. The field names in the list can contain wildcards (* and ?). A set containing a single entry "*" would match all fields. 

The maximum amount of text that can be stored in each stored field is the lesser of the maxStoredFieldSize option setting or 128 characters.