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IIndexJob::ToAddIncludeFilters Property
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IIndexJob::ToAddIncludeFilters Property
__property BSTR ToAddIncludeFilters;

Filename filters specifying files to be indexed. A file will be indexed if it matches one of the ToAddIncludeFilters and does not match any of the ToAddExcludeFilters.

Filename filters only apply to the directories (ToAddDir or ToAddDirListName). Files listed in ToAddFileListName are always indexed, as are documents returned through DataSourceToIndex, regardless of the filters. 

IncludeFilters and ExcludeFilters can each contain one or more filename filters, separated by spaces, to apply to files in the directories selected. (ToAddExcludeFilters can be blank.) If a filename filter contains a space, put it in quotation marks. A filename filter that does not contain a backslash is compared to the name of each file. A filename filter that contains a backslash is compared to the fully- qualified pathname of each file. Example:

*.DOC *.DOCS *.WPD "*\My Documents\*"